For Parents

What is Waldorf?

Waldorf Education is now the largest independent, non-denominational school system and the fastest growing private school movement in the world. There are over 1000 Waldorf schools in 83 countries, with over 250 in the United States alone.

The Waldorf school movement arose from the widespread search for new social and educational values after the terrible devastation of World War I. The goal of Waldorf Education is a lofty one, to aid in the development of free, self-aware human beings capable of creating peaceful and ennobling lives for themselves and for humanity.

There is no particular doctrine or agenda taught. Instead the aim is to bring out the very best in each child, to teach them in a way that sparks and nurtures their natural love of learning and allows their unique qualities to grow and blossom to the fullest.

The foundation for the curriculum is an understanding of the child as an intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual being. Our belief is that a fulfilled and creative life involves considerably more than mental development in service of the ability to earn a living. Important as that is, children also need the balance provided by the strong and healthy development of their emotional life and physical bodies.

Waldorf Education has at its foundation, recognition of the wholeness and connectedness of human beings with all life. One way in which this connectedness manifests is through the observance of the changes in the seasons. Our community festivals connect us with traditional cultures the world over, who have for centuries marked the turning points of the year, the equinoxes and solstices, with ritual and celebration. These events become opportunities for outward observances of nature’s seasonal changes, but they can become opportunities to learn about one’s own inner movement through the seasons of change as well.

Throughout the year at Singing Cedars, we generally celebrate the festivals arising out of the Judeo-Christian traditions. We embrace all religions and encourage parents to bring other festivals and religious celebrations into the school as well. In our program, children experience the festivals through simple preparations involving food, song, circles, dance, story and puppetry related to the festival itself and changes in nature.

The school holds a number of festivals and ceremonies during the year. Please remember that during these events, parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their own children.


We admit children from ages 3 and up. Parents interested in Singing Cedars programs are welcome to visit the school by pre-arranged appointment. They may then fill out an application and schedule a pre-admission interview. Singing Cedars welcomes inquiries and admits students of all colors, creeds, and cultures. It does not discriminate on the basis of these factors in the admission and tuition policies. Acceptance may be based on such factors as the child’s physical and social readiness and the parents’ willingness to work with the principles of Waldorf education.


We request that all visitors contact us in advance to make arrangements to observe or visit a classroom. We reserve the right to refuse visitors at any time.